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Am I Autistic?

Autism affects people in different ways and each person’s experience is highly individual. However, people with autism often struggle with social communication and social interaction challenges, restricted patterns of behaviour, hobbies or interests and sensory interests/difficulties.

Autism is a lifelong developmental difficulty, but may not have been picked up during childhood. It is quite common for people to have gone through life without a diagnosis, feeling that they don’t quite ‘fit in’. Often, from a young age, people with autism have learnt various strategies for "masking" their social or communication challenges, which is a reason why their difficulties may not have been picked up. Whilst using these strategies can help the person cope with day to day situations, they can also further increase their feelings of isolation and their belief that they are different to other people. This sometimes leads to mental health difficulties such as high levels of stress, anxiety, shame and low mood. 

People with autism may experience difficulties with:

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  • Engaging in “small talk”, understanding tone of voice & non-verbal communication ,e.g. facial expressions
  • Understanding abstract concepts
  • Finding and maintaining friendships
  • Engaging in two way conversations
  • Appearing to be insensitive
  • Understanding others’ feelings and intentions
  • Understanding and expressing their own emotions
  • Repetitive behaviours
  • Preference for routine or sameness
  • Unusual interests or hobbies
  • Sensitivity to sensory experiences, such as noise

It is possible that until now you have found ways to cope with or hide your difficulties. However, you may now be seeking an assessment because your difficulties are effecting your life and perhaps causing you to feel overwhelmed, anxious or low in mood.

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