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1-1 Therapy Fees / Payment Terms

Assessment with Clinical / Counselling Psychologist - £130

Assessment with CBT Psychotherapist - £115

Therapy Session with Clinical / Counselling Psychologist - £130

Therapy Session with CBT Psychotherapist - £115

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the fee structure

Payment can be made by online bank transfer, or cash by prior agreement.

For self referral clients, payment is required at least 48 hours before the first appointment. Sessions thereafter are payable at the end of each month

If your private medical insurance provider will be covering the cost of treatment, then please provide all relevant details for payments to be dealt with directly between us and your provider. We are registered with Bupa, Aviva, and Cigna as well as various other insurance companies.

Autism Assessment Fees / Payment Terms

You can find our more about our autism and ADHD assessment branch at

At Robb Psychology / Autism Kent our Assessments are NICE compliant and are charged as follows

Autism Assessment - £1900

ADHD Assessment - £1400

Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment - £2700

A deposit of £500 is paid to secure the booking.

The remaining amount is due prior to your report being sent out.

Once the full amount has been paid, we will share our final report with you and arrange our feedback appointment.

If your private medical insurance will be covering the cost of the assessment, then please provide all relevant details for payments to be dealt with between us and your provider. We are registered with Bupa, Axa, Cigna and Aviva as well as various other insurance companies. 

Autism Screening/Profile Assessment

Screening assessment/profile, which includes screening measures and summary report - £450

Cancellation Policy

Please note cancellation or non-attendance with less than 48 hours’ notice (for whatever reason) will result in the full session fee being charged. 

If you arrive late for any reason, the session will still finish at the appointed time.


Our professional body requires us to keep therapy records. These records are limited to information regarding your contact details, medication, contact with other health professionals, a record of sessions attended, missed or cancelled appointments, and brief session summaries. Please note that we are bound by a professional code of practice and confidentiality, and as such, we will not release details of your treatment to a third party without your written consent.

However, it is important to note that there are limits to patient confidentiality regarding potential harm to yourself or others, and in such circumstances, we will take all necessary steps to ensure your or another person’s safety. As required by our professional body, on occasions we may discuss how we are conducting your treatment with a supervisor, who is bound by the same code of practice and confidentiality. This helps ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

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